How Can I Help?

VIM Teams serve in local missions through UMCOR Sager Brown’s outreach opportunities.

If you have compassion for the disadvantaged, the marginalized, the oppressed; if you have a desire to make a difference, to do meaningful work; if you want to respond to God’s love for you by sharing the love of Jesus with others, consider whether you are being called to missions and outreach. Through Volunteers in Mission you can offer yourself to God by offering yourself to others in service.

Be a VIM team member.

Join your local church outreach team for local outreach and service opportunities right at home. Join your local church VIM team for a mission journey experience. Check with your local church pastor, church office staff, or church missions/outreach coordinator to find out what opportunities are available.

Be a VIM team leader.

When those who lead answer the call to take a team into the mission field, they are taking on so much more than just handling logistics and making decisions. Teams better serve our neighbors when they are equipped, empowered and resourced to create spirit-filled and culturally relevant mission experiences. One of the most important things we do as Arkansas Conference Volunteers in Mission is training and equipping team leaders who in turn train and equip their teams. Every Mission Team Leader is encouraged to take the UMVIM Team Leader Training Course. To request Team Leader Training contact your Conference VIM Coordinator, Sheri Mathews, at

Be an individual volunteer.

What gifts or talents has God given you as an individual that will help fulfill the call to serve. Volunteer in your church, in the ministries of your church, or in outreach with your church as an individual. Also connect with teams from other churches and districts who are looking to build capacity and fill spots on their team(s) by including individual volunteers. Check with your conference coordinator to see if you can be of assistance with any current projects.

Other ways to help

In your church

Help lead your church in missions and outreach opportunities. Contact your local church coordinator, your pastor or the church office to serve on the church missions and outreach leadership team.

In your district

Help communicate opportunities, train, and equip local church teams to have successful and rewarding Mission Journey Experiences. Serve on your district missions and outreach leadership team by contacting your district or conference coordinator or the district office.

In the conference

Use your experience to help other teams and churches organize for missions and outreach.

In global ministries

Should you want to expand your individual volunteer experience, check out the global ministries opportunities here.