Volunteers In Mission

Arkansas United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (AR UMVIM) is part of the Global Ministries movement. UMVIM offers opportunities for both lay and clergy to utilize their skills and talents in Christian service. VIM volunteers serve at home in local outreach and around the world in short term mission journeys. Their work includes building, repairing, teaching, witnessing, offering medical services, conducting Bible study or Bible school, and responding to disaster.

The United Methodist connection is evident in the work of VIM in that the UMVIM network offers guidance, organization, and training and the work of the volunteers is coordinated through the Annual Conferences and Jurisdictions.

VIM Volunteers can serve with a team (normally 10-15 people) or as an individual. Volunteers should be in relatively good health, complete proper paperwork, be willing to pay their own way or help raise funds, and agree to attend training sessions and orientations.

Your AR UMVIM Coordinator stands available to offer training, help you identify opportunities to serve, connect you with mission sites, and be a consult for organizing and preparing a team for a mission journey experience.

We are anxious to hear about your local church outreach and mission experiences.  Please share them here, as we want to celebrate the work you are doing and the journeys you are taking.  Sharing your experience can help others discover opportunities to serve, learn from your experiences and connect and network with others involved in mission.