Spiritual Direction

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

“Maybe that is the difference between pastoral counselors and spiritual directors.
We go to counselors when we want help getting out of the caves.
We go to spiritual directors when we are ready to be led farther in.”

– Barbara Brown Taylor “Learning to Walk in the Dark”

The practice of spiritual direction is an act of paying attention to God in an intentional way. Some may call it spiritual companionship or spiritual friendship, but the key elements are attending to the presence, the activity, and the voice of God in one’s life through the gentle direction of another.

The role of spiritual director involves asking evocative questions that invite others to attend to the presence and the voice of God.  The experience of spiritual direction involves taking time to care for your soul and examine your spiritual journey with someone who provides heartfelt listening and reflection along the way.

Many ordained persons do not have a relationship with another person who serves in this role for them. Would you consider exploring spiritual direction in the season ahead?

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