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Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church
800 West Daisy Gatson Bates Drive, Little Rock, AR 72202

Toll Free: (877) 646-1816
Phone: (501) 324-8000
Fax: (501) 324-8018

Our offices are located on the 2nd floor of the Kendall Science center on the campus of Philander Smith College. The entrance of the campus is located on Daisy Gatson Bates Drive near Chester Street. Upon entering the campus, the Kendall Science Center is the 2nd building on the left.

Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church

Episcopal Office

Gary E. Mueller
Resident Bishop
(501) 324-8019

Vicki Davis
Executive Assistant
(501) 324-8019

Connectional Ministries

Jim Polk
Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Connectional Ministry
(501) 324-8042

Rebecca Davis
Administrative Assistant
(501) 324-8047

Yvonne Armstrong
Office Coordinator to the Centers & Editor of the Journal
(501) 324-8000

Michelle Moore
Youth and Young Adult Coordinator; Developer of Clergy Recruitment
(501) 324-8048

Byron Mann
Volunteer in Mission Coordinator
(870) 777-9305 (home)
(870) 826-0268 (cell)

Janice Mann
Disaster Relief Coordinator
(870) 777-9305 (home)
(870) 703-8359 (cell)

Melinda Shunk
Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Center for Reaching New People

Jeff Jackson
Director of New Faith Communities
(501) 324-8045

Rashim Merriwether
Developer of Ethnic Faith Communities

Center for Vitality

Dede Roberts
Center Director
(501) 324-8016

Michelle Morris
Lead Equipper
(501) 324-8017

Cathy Hall
Lay Program Coordinator
(501) 324-8011

Center for Administrative Services

Todd Burris
(501) 324-8024

Megan Rugg
Assistant Director
(501) 324-8023

Melissa Sanders
Financial Controller
(501) 324-8022

Mona Williams
Benefits Officer
(501) 324-8028

Wendy Brunson Daniels
Assistant Benefits Officer
(501) 324-8029

Palmer Lee
IT Manager
(501) 324-8039

Center for Communication

Amy Ezell
(501) 324-8030

Stephen Gideon
Senior Design Strategist
(501) 324-8038

Day Davis
Social Media Specialist
(501) 324-8034

Caleb Hennington
Digital Content Editor
(501) 324-8037

Jacob Turner
Website and Analytics Specialist
(501) 324-8036

Board of Ordained Ministry

Nancy Meredith
Executive Administrative Assistant
(501) 324-8033