New FAQ for General Conference 2019

Bishop Gary Mueller has heard your concerns and put together an informative document to help answer the questions that have been asked most often, as well as explain each of the three plans submitted for a vote at General Conference and what each plan would mean for the future of the United Methodist Church.

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Bishop Mueller’s Daily Devotional

A Sunday Prayer 11/18/18


Dearest Lord,

You have created the universe – yet love me as Your precious child. You have made humanity in Your image, yet love me when I reject who I really am. You have given the gift of freedom, yet love me even as I walk away from You.

Thank You for love that makes me unique. Thank You for love that is never diminished by what I do. Thank you for love that calls me to a special purpose. May I be filled with this love. Transformed by it. And fulfilled in it. Starting today. Indeed, right now. And continuing forever.

Lord, You are amazing, astounding and awesome. And I love You. May I love You more with each breath I take.

I pray this in Jesus’ name – Amen.

The Arkansas United Methodist

November 2018 Issue