COVID-19 Dashboard

The Arkansas Conference has developed a new tool for churches and church leaders to assist them in their response to COVID-19.

“The Church of Jesus Christ should be taking the lead in dismantling racism because it is a matter of faith, justice and morality.” – Bishop Gary Mueller

COVID-19 Response

The Arkansas Conference is continuing to develop information for churches and church leaders on responding to COVID-19.

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Bishop Mueller’s Daily Devotional

I Bet I Will

It’s an interesting phenomenon. What I expect to see is exactly what I see. If I expect someone to act a certain way, they often do. If I expect to have a bad day, I usually do. If I think things are going to work out, they mostly do. It’s not that I have magical powers. It’s that my filters impact what I see, feel and experience. In fact, this is such a powerful reality that another person with different filters standing right by me at the same time could see, feel and experience the exact opposite of me. So today I expect to see, feel and experience that God’s grace is the most powerful force in the world, that Jesus’ is at work transforming people from the inside-out and that there are signs of hope all around me. And I bet I will.

The Arkansas United Methodist