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What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty

“How can my church be more than a Feeding Ministry to people who are hungry? How can we include them in worship?” The answers are more complicated than you would think. Join 200,000 More Reasons for a 5-week discussion on the book, “What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty.”

“The Church of Jesus Christ should be taking the lead in dismantling racism because it is a matter of faith, justice and morality.” – Bishop Gary Mueller

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Bishop Mueller’s Daily Devotional

Go Spiritual!

I try to avoid getting political. That’s not always easy, however, when you have a degree in political science. But as tempting as it is to pontificate politically, I’ve discovered that people don’t need another talking political head. They need a spiritual voice. And so that’s what I do my best to offer. Sometimes, however, employing a spiritual voice means addressing moral issues that lead to discomfort on the part of both the speaker and the hearer.   

The plight of the Haitians at the U.S. border near Del Rio, Texas is a moral issue that you and I have to face exactly because we claim Jesus as Savior and Lord. While I don’t have all the answers about what we should do, I know this. Responding with overused religious cliches is inappropriate. Claiming there are slam dunk simple and obvious answers is naive. And believing that either democrats or republicans are agents of Jesus’ public policy borders on sin.  

So how should you and I respond in the face of a moral crisis? Go spiritual! Read the Gospels. Let them shape your mind and heart. Pray deeply. And then ask yourself some questions. How would Jesus react watching the video footage showing outrageous treatment of the Haitians by an isolated group of U.S. Border Patrol agents? What would Jesus tell his disciples to do given the fact so many have inadequate food, housing and hygiene, and thousands are huddling under a bridge? How many tears would Jesus shed watching as thousands are shipped back home to a nation devastated by earthquakes and hurricanes? 

Yes, it’s time for us to go spiritual. But beware. God won’t just help you find the right answers. God always has something for you to do as well.

The Arkansas United Methodist