Board of Ordained Ministry

The Arkansas Conference Board of Ordained Ministry proposes to work within the framework of the current Discipline of the United Methodist Church. The CBOM is responsible for the process whereby persons enter into ministry. The process covers candidacy, licensing, ordination, membership and transfers. In addition to the process where person enter into ministry, the CBOM also is charged with exiting, retirement and the gathering and publishing of memoirs. Members shall be nominated by the Bishop after consultation with the Chairperson of the Board, the Executive Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry, and the Cabinet.

Members of the Board

Answering the Call – Starting the Ministry Process

If you feel a strong urge to consider full-time ministry, the website for The General Board of Higher Education andMinistry offers a link to assist you.

Residency in Ministry Program

Following completion of educational assignments, provisional elders and deacons enter into the Residency In Ministry Program. This program extends theological education by using peer covenant groups and mentoring, and includes regular evaluation to examine the effectiveness of residents in ministry.

Financial Assistance

Requirements for Ordination