Connectional Ministries

Connectional Ministries are exactly that: ministries that connect us as United Methodists, ministries we share in common, ministries that are bigger than what any one church or group can do.  Some are global in scope, as with mission/missionary support through Global Ministries. Some are conference-wide ministries and programs, others can have a profound impact at the local church or community level, but they all show what we can do as we work together as United Methodists.

The Office of Connectional Ministry provides leadership in three major areas:

  1. Pursuing the trajectory and Next Steps as defined in the Bishop’s Mission Plan;
  2. Guiding alignment between Conference groups and the trajectory;
  3. And shepherding strategic plans for ministries, in collaboration with the Extended Cabinet.

Rev. Jim Polk

Director of Connectional Ministry and Assistant to the Bishop

The Director of Connectional Ministry serves as the Assistant to the Bishop, has major responsibility for guiding the alignment of The Trajectory and the structure of the Annual Conference, and fulfills the functions assigned to the Director of Connectional Ministries.

Rebecca Davis

Administrative Assistant of Mission and Ministry

The Administrative Assistant for Connectional Ministry serves as the assistant to the Director of Connectional Ministry and provides support for the ongoing implementation of the Bishop’s Mission Plan.