Culture of Calling



a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation.
“those who have a special calling to minister to others’ needs”
Similar: vocation, mission, call, summons

“Through baptism, all United Methodists are called to ministry. Discover ways to help church members live their call to serve as part of a congregation or in ordained, licensed and certified ministry in local congregations, on campuses and hospitals, in the military and in a variety of other settings.”1

It is the mission of the ARUMC Culture of Calling Initiative to help guide every local church to create an environment in which every person is invited to discover their calling and to find out how they might live into that calling.


Do you think God might be calling you to ministry? Are you still trying to learn about the different ways you might be called to serve? Start here to learn more about and compare the variety of lay and ordained ministry roles.


Ready to find out more about next steps for a lay or ordained ministry role? Want to hear from someone currently serving in a specific ministry role? Start here to get more information about the Board of Laity, Board of Ordained Ministry and connect with those who can answer your questions about what’s next in your discernment process.


Looking for ways to nurture a culture of calling in others? Or are you looking for ways to continue discerning your own calling? Start here for additional resources for both those exploring their own call and those encouraging others as they continue to discern.