Clergy Codes

  • AF Affiliate Member
  • AL Administrative Location
  • AM Associate Member
  • DC Deaconess
  • DM Diaconal Minister
  • DR Retired Diaconal Minister (consecrated under provisions of 1992 or earlier Discipline)
  • FD Deacon in full connection
  • FE Elder in full connection
  • FL Full-time Local Pastor
  • HL Honorable Location / Honorable Location – Retired
  • LM Certified Lay Minister
  • OA Associate Member of other Annual Conference
  • OD Deacon member of other annual conference
  • OE Elder member of other annual conference or other Methodist denomination
  • OF Full Member of other denomination
  • OP Provisional member of other Annual Conference
  • OR Retired member of other Annual Conference
  • PD Provisional Deacon
  • PE Provisional Elder
  • PL Part-time Local Pastor
  • RA Retired Associate Member
  • RD Retired Deacon in Full Connection
  • RE Retired Full Elder
  • RL Retired Local Pastor
  • RP Retired Provisional Member

Appointment changes announced since the adjournment of the 2020 Arkansas Annual Conference (bold indicates new listings):
Appointments take effect July 1, 2021, unless otherwise noted.

New Appointments:
None at this time.
Change of Conference Relationship:
None at this time.

Lay Supply Assignments:

  • Piggott First – Joe Cole (effective 8/1/20)
  • Junction City – Rod Mills (effective 8/1/20)

Archived Appointments Lists