Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made Trainers are contract teachers for hire to help with your church’s sex education needs. Below you will find the names of those who have taken official training to teach the Wonderfully Made curriculum.

However, you are not required to hire a teacher. The curriculum can be independently purchased and taught by the laity in your church. Many churches feel more comfortable having it outsourced by a contract teacher.

The contract teachers below are in good standing with the Arkansas Conference UMC Children’s Council but are in no way employed or representing the Conference. All arrangements made with contract teachers and your church are agreements between the two parties.

If you wish to purchase the guides, you can click here for the teacher’s guide and here for the student guides.

Sadie Stratton (resides in the Northwest District): sadiestratton@gmail.com
Rachel Hogue (resides in the Northwest District): mrshogue@gmail.com
Micah Castleberry (resides in the Southwest district): micahrn@msn.com

Scholarships are available to help cover the cost of Wonderfully Made trainers. The application must be filled out and submitted a month before the planned class. Please click here to download the application.