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We have free development classes for church staff and laity. Please click here to enroll in CouRSe if you want to learn more about our Children’s Ministry course Worship for All! It is free!

Christians Engaged in Faith Formation

CEF is an organization of laity and clergy who…

  • work or volunteer in faith formation ministries
  • connect with others in similar roles or ministries in peer learning environments
  • work collaboratively within the organization to collect, create and share knowledge and experience within and between communities.

The mission of CEF is to develop leaders in faith formation to equip people of all ages to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

For more information about National CEF membership, events and resources, go to cefumc.org.

Beyond! Handouts

Keynote Speaker – Melanie Gordon

Arkansas’ Ministries for and with Children

International/Interfaith Ministries

Miscellaneous Resources

All of the classes taught at this Beyond can be viewed on CouRSe.

General Resources for Ministry

Online Freebies

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