Quest is a new program for children in 3rd – 5th grades (6th graders may participate if they are not part of the youth department in their local congregation) sponsored by the Arkansas Conference Council on Children’s Ministries (CCCM). Created as a way for pre-teens to begin to: 1. Explore the meaning of God’s call on their lives, 2. Develop and deepen their practice of spiritual disciplines, 3. Acquire a solid foundation of United Methodist theology, 4. Become equipped to go into the world with confidence in their faith and calling, so they may, in turn, make disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. Quest is where students and their leaders from throughout the Conference gather at a central location for food, fun, fellowship, worship AND to participate with their leaders in developmentally appropriate experiential learning about the year’s focus.


Quest operates on a three year cycle:

Year One: Hearing God
God Loves Me
God Claims Me
God Gives Me Gifts
God Calls Me

Year Two: Loving God
How to Know God
How to Love God
How to Enjoy God
How to Respond to God (God Calls Me)

Year Three: Serving God
I am a Disciple
I am a Servant
I am a United Methodist
I am a Leader (God Calls Me)