Monetary Donations
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and operate solely on donations. Your tax-deductible dollars assist us in the important preservation of a vibrant history.
Thank you.

Please make checks payable to UMMAC and mail to:
United Methodist Museum of Arkansas
723 Center St.
Little Rock, AR 72201

We also need volunteers able to contribute 2 hours a month.

Artifact Donations and Loans
All items important to Methodism, particularly Arkansas Methodism, will be considered for the museum collection. Every artifact must have provenance — a brief written history — and identifying information, and be approved by both Curator and Accession Committee.

UMMAC accepts incoming loans of artifacts for exhibition only, not for storage.

To offer an artifact for consideration, please contact the museum at 501-904-1280 or

Specific Artifacts Being Sought

  • Photographs, Paintings, Drawings, Prints – clergy and laity portraits, groups, churches, events, etc.
  • Any image of Rev. William Wallace Andrews – founder of Wesley Chapel, an historic African-American Church
  • Any image of Eli Lindsey, William Stevenson, John Henry, and other early circuit riders (active pre-photography: images, if available, are likely drawings or paintings).
  • Digital images and/or Scanned Images – items listed above (send electronically to museum email at with a text explaining image or images).
  • Furniture – baptismal fonts, pulpits, lecterns, pews, altars, Sunday school chairs, etc.
  • Architectural elements from closed churches – a stained-glass window (if not too large), a fresco or mural, banister rail, newel, church signs, cornerstones, etc.
  • Textile items – quilts, paraments, altar cloths, pulpit robes, stoles, wall hangings, etc.
  • Items used in worship – communion service sets, chalices, crucifers/crosses, candle holders, offering plates, etc.
  • Ceramic commemorative church plates depicting churches in Arkansas.
  • Ceramic commemorative plates depicting events in Methodism.
  • Sculpture – will consider small sculptured figures out of wood, ceramic, metal, etc.
  • Saddlebag and/or Saddle – searching for one used by a circuit rider.
  • United Evangelical Brethren – any of items previously listed.