United Methodist Museum of the Arkansas Conference

The United Methodist Museum cares about the safety of its patrons, and though we hope to reopen as soon as possible, we do not, however, want the impact of COVID-19 to prevent us from staying connected. Please join and visit our social media accounts on Facebook, where we have open discussions, fun challenges, and how-to videos, and Instagram. You can join our Facebook group by clicking here or find our Instagram @unitedmethodist_museum. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us by email at ummac.lr@gmail.com. Stay safe and be blessed.

Come explore the vibrant history of Arkansas United Methodism!

Mission Statement
The mission of the United Methodist Museum of the Arkansas Conference is to preserve the historically significant and inclusive history of Arkansas United Methodism by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting artifacts for a diverse audience, while providing opportunities for exploring this history and culture. Though this museum is a bridge to the past, as United Methodists we will always remain open to the ongoing lordship of the Holy Spirit for the transformation of the world by increasingly making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the United Methodist Museum of the Arkansas Conference is to collect two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects which are of historical significance to Arkansas United Methodists history, such as: church furnishings, personal items used by United Methodist clergy, commemorative items, objects related to corporate worship, and educational objects. Also, portraits and group pictures of historical sites that are significant to Arkansas United Methodism are collected and preserved.