Arkansas Tithe Initiative

About this time last year the Financial Administration Center began working on a project that would incorporate the local church tithe reporting and payments into our current accounting system. The system that we launched in July did not represent the amount of time and money invested in this endeavor. 

Many of you provided feedback about how difficult it was to navigate the system. It also made our internal postings much more difficult. 

In light of this and several other circumstances we decided to return to the previous system in January. Unfortunately, those programmers were dealing with a mass of year-end transitions from failed denominational statistics program. 

All of that has now been resolved and the new/old tithe reporting system is now up and running. Please follow the attached instructions if you wish to report and/or pay your church’s monthly tithe.

If you have questions please contact Wendy Brunson Daniels at, Melissa Sanders at, or myself at and we will be glad to assist you.

Todd Burris

A New Way to Share Ministry for the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church