Orientation to Ministry

Almost every United Methodist — lay and clergy – can point to a member of the church who inspired and influenced them at some point in their journey, perhaps who even encouraged them to consider a particular VOCATION or to pursue a GIFT.

The congregational vitality of The United Methodist Church begins in the local church, where faith is formed and nurtured in people of all ages, especially the young. Equipping congregations to speak the LANGUAGE OF CALL and move intentionally toward discovering and nurturing their vocation will contribute to the health and vitality of their own faith, community, and of the denomination.

The Board of Ordained Ministry has the following goals for our conference Orientation to Ministry events:

  • Share about our discernment of Christ’s Call in our lives and in the lives of God’s people
  • Learn about the connectional nature of the United Methodist Church
  • Understand the diversity of ministry: lay, ordained, and licensed
  • Build relationships and ask questions


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2012 Discipline ¶ 312

An orientation to ministry is required for all candidates for licensed and ordained ministry. Attendance at the orientation and becoming a certified candidate may be sequential or concurrent. This common ministry preparation experience is for the purpose of building collegiality and understanding among the varieties of set-apart ministry (deacons, elders, local pastors).

  1. The orientation shall be held in each annual conference and is the responsibility of the conference Board of Ordained Ministry.
  2. Collegiality in ministry and commonalities and distinctions among the categories of ministry (deacon, elder, local pastor) will be emphasized to facilitate understanding and appreciation of the gifts contributed through team ministry, and the practice of set-apart ministry within the United Methodist connection will be articulated.
  3. Guidelines will be made available from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Answering The Call – Starting The Ministry Process

If you feel a calling to consider full-time ministry, these sites may assist you: