Educational Requirements


Applicants must complete four required courses in addition to those required by the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline, Paragraph 324.4 (a chart of all required courses can be found here):

  • a course in basic pastoral care
  • a course in Wesleyan theology beyond United Methodist, History, and Doctrine
  • a course in preaching for those anticipating ordination as an elder or a course in worship beyond the required course for those anticipating ordination as a deacon
  • a course in church administration/leadership

These four courses must be completed for seminarians seeking ordination who have matriculated beginning in the fall of 2010.

All courses taken in seminary must have a “C” or better grade to be acceptable beginning September, 2011.

Distance Learning is approved for 2/3 of work beginning in January, 2011 for all UM seminaries and Asbury. Anyone entering a seminary degree program who is seeking ordination from January, 2011 and onward will not be allowed to take Distance Learning courses except for the 13 United Methodist seminaries and Asbury. Persons in non United Methodist seminaries prior to January, 2011 can complete no more than 1/3 Distance Learning.If a certified candidate for ministry (for at least one year) anticipates that they will complete all graduate educational requirements prior to June (annual conference time), Applications for provisional membership require the completion of form AR105 (Application for Clergy Relationship) and your preliminary answers to Disciplinary Questions ¶324.9.a-p by the candidate sent to both the District Superintendent and BOM Office by July 15.