Exhausted, in more ways than one

I am exhausted. The past few weeks, I’ve been in St. Louis, Missouri, reporting on the news from the Special Session of General Conference, which took place over four days from Feb. 23 to 26. As many of you know, I am new to the United Methodist Church, and this was my first General Conference […]

Completely Transformed
Veritas 360 brings 1,400 youth to Rogers, Arkansas

The theme for this year’s Veritas was 360: Completely Transformed. The weekend focused on not only how we could completely transform our lives to be more God-centered but also the people and environment around us. The speaker, Tim Palmer, did an amazing job at relating to us. He not only tried to help us develop […]

What do we do now?

contributed by Bud Reeves, Senior Pastor of First UMC Fort Smith I have been trying, in the days since the end of General Conference, to respond instead of react. I’ve seen many reactions on electronic and print media. It’s been hard. As the late Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” […]