Completely Transformed
Veritas 360 brings 1,400 youth to Rogers, Arkansas

The theme for this year’s Veritas was 360: Completely Transformed. The weekend focused on not only how we could completely transform our lives to be more God-centered but also the people and environment around us.

The speaker, Tim Palmer, did an amazing job at relating to us. He not only tried to help us develop ways to have a more God-centered view on the world and ourselves, but he also gave some of his personal stories and experiences about how his view has been completely transformed, or when he witnessed someone with a God-centered life.

With the special General Conference so close to Veritas, all 1,400 of us stood in that ballroom and prayed together. We prayed that no matter what decision was made, we would continue to lead with love and openness toward anyone and everyone because that is the Methodist church in which we all grew up. We were all completely transformed in that moment of affirmation to ourselves and everyone else in that room.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best Veritas events I have ever attended. I can’t even give a specific reason why. It was the atmosphere and the people there. It was the worship and hearing all 1,400 voices become one as we sang with the band. It was the connection that we all had together because of other events. It wasn’t just one thing; it was so many little things that we couldn’t pinpoint just one.

Probably my favorite part of Veritas was at the last worship right after communion, all of the youth who felt a call to ministry went up to the front, and there were so many that walked up there. It was just a really cool moment as we stood there all supporting each other. Even if we had never met before, we were all at that specific place in our lives, trying to discern a call into ministry. Everyone that went up there had their arms wrapped around each other as we sang one last song.

It was something new, but for me, it was one of the most memorable parts of Veritas.

– By Shelby Kirk
ACCYM Youth, Greenbrier First UMC

All photos taken by ACCYM Media Taskforce.

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