United Methodist Men aims to support spiritual growth

written by Clay McCastlain, Conference President, Arkansas United Methodist Men

Hello All,

I am the Conference President of Arkansas United Methodist Men. I want to help support spiritual growth among the United Methodist Men in Arkansas. The objective of the General Commission for United Methodist Men is “coaching men to thrive through Jesus Christ, so others may know Christ.”

I can only help if I have current contact information for a leader of the men in your congregation. Whether that is a president of a chartered group or a man who has a good idea of what the men in that congregation want and need is not critical at this point. I am asking for a point of contact for the men of your congregation.

There are many resources available at gcumm.org to help men in their spiritual growth.  I can help you discover the resources you need if I know who to talk to in your congregation.

Please email the name and email address of a point of contact for your congregation to clay.mccastlain@arumc.org so that we can help each other in our spiritual walks.

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