6-year-old uses lemonade stand to raise money for Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, United Methodists take action. In April of this year, 6-year-old Etta Bolte took disaster response into her own hands with a lemonade stand in her driveway in Augusta. 

Last month, Etta and her mother, Ann Bolte, traveled to Little Rock to present the check for over $400 directly to Bishop Laura Merrill.

Bishop Merrill shared with Etta how proud she was of her and told her about what it means to support local disaster response ministries and UMCOR. “Your gift will help people in Arkansas make repairs after the tornado and help them also know that they are loved.”

Etta shared that she sold “regular lemonade” and that some of her neighbors pitched in with larger donations when they heard it was for tornado relief.

We are grateful to all who have responded in the many ways to help with relief and love after the March 31 tornadoes. Let us know if you have any stories of inspiration to share like Etta’s.

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