Methodist Le Bonheur Updates Clergy Visitation Policy

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Methodist Le Bonheur of Memphis, Tennessee has updated their clergy visitation policy to reflect current covid-19 trends in the area.

The main changes to the policy include the following:

  • To ensure safety for all, we are placing a pause on volunteers and visiting clergy in our facilities, effective today.
  • As a faith-based organization, we value the role of spiritual care for our patients, so we encourage clergy support through phone and platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime.
  • In addition, we offer 24/7 spiritual care support through our spiritual care helplines for pediatric patients at 901.297.2388 and for adult patients at 901.573.5631.
  • We will make exceptions for clergy visitation for end-of-life care.
  • We will reevaluate this policy weekly, and will welcome volunteers and clergy back to our facilities as soon as we determine it is safe to do so.

To read the full document of policies and procedures, visit the link below.

MLH Visitation Policy Aug 2021


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