BOM Seminary Loan for Fall 2019 now available

The Board of Ordained Ministry Seminary Loan Application deadline for 2019 Fall semester is September 15, 2019.

Please remember, to qualify you must –

  • Be a certified candidate
  • Fill out the form completely, verifying your tuition.
  • Have your District Registrar verify, and sign it.
  • Have your DS verify and sign it.
  • Provide your latest officialtranscript including the courses you are taking in the Fall term.

Phillips and Asbury students: These schools only show completed courses on their transcripts, so you must provide a letter from the college registrar or schedule print off stating what current classes you are enrolled in.

Applications, transcripts, and letters verifying your classes (if applicable) must be in at the office of Nancy Meredith by Feb. 15 to qualify for this loan. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO DO THIS!!

Those on full UMFA scholarship do not qualify for this loan.

For the application, please click here, and for more information please contact Nancy Meredith.

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