Upside Down

When you fail, it often leaves you with an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. But what if you turned everything upside down? Instead of thinking you have to earn your place in the world, what if you accepted the fact that God already has blessed you with a place in the world? It may all sound like a dream, but it’s not. Actually, it’s God’s way that changes everything. So if you’re interested in this kind of life, simply spend your entire life responding to the divine love that cherishes you just the way you are.

The Daily Becomes Divine

You’re not seen as holy, probably never had a life-defining God experience and are not a faith leader. You’re you. But when you experience God’s transforming power, the daily becomes divine. An ordinary act becomes a sacred moment. Driving your child to school becomes a holy conversation. A family dinner becomes a sacred gathering. A tragic death becomes a moment of eternal hope. A crisis becomes an opportunity for new life. Work becomes an occasion to serve others. In other words, God not only enters your life – you actually experience God’s eternal life.

Memorial Day

Sometimes our nation needs to fight to protect lives – ours as well as innocents in far away lands. This kind of violence always breaks God’s heart because violence is never God’s Will. Those who have been combatants know the horror of war better than anyone else and realize it should always be an act of last resort. When armed conflict becomes necessary, citizen soldiers step forward to serve. Today is a time when we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, honor their service and offer a prayer of thanksgiving that they were willing to die so we might continue to enjoy the blessings of freedom. May we never forget.  

A Sunday Prayer 5/26/19


So many people are grieving. Some I’ll never meet. Some I know. And some I love dearly.

They grieve at the death of someone they love. A lost dream. A broken relationship. The theft of innocence. An illness that debilitates them. And, even, their own impending death.

The list seems endless, because it is. But so is Your love. So send it in waves. Then keep sending it until it fills to overflowing all who grieve that they may experience Your closeness, Your care, Your healing and, especially, Your hope.

I pray this in the power of Your promise that You give in Jesus.


Let Go

You’re caught in a lifelong tug of war. Pulling you in one direction is your desire to be in control, do things your way and experience success in the eyes of the world. Pulling you in the other direction is God’s call on your life, your desire to get more serious about your relationship with God and your passion about going deeper in faith. Tired of the back and forth? If so, it’s time to let go, let God win and embrace the life God is offering as a free gift. Because when God wins, you win!