Camp Tanako Summer 2019 Schedule

Camp Tanako provides a time and place for children and youth to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reconnect with old friends, make new friends, open themselves to God in new ways through community with nature and others, and have the time of their lives. We emphasize extending Christian hospitality to each other and practice living in accordance with the Fruits of the Spirit. This year, Peace Works is the theme for each week. We worship and discuss in small groups around this topic, but we also look for teachable moments throughout the day to incorporate lessons learned from stories in the theme.

Peace Works

Peace Works is about welcoming campers in the hospitable spirit of aloha and invites them to find their place at the table of the parable of the Great Banquet. Then we celebrate our covenant community by exploring ubuntu and what it means to be part of the Body of Christ.

As the community grows closer, they will name the reality of conflict, as stories of Jacob and Esau remind us of our ability to contribute both to conflict and peacemaking. Shalom calls us out of conflict, to find peace with God and each other. Jesus shows us what God’s agape love looks like and how it reconciles us to God, even when we are unaware or do not fully understand. We try to model the vulnerable love and humble service of Jesus, demonstrated in washing the disciples’ feet, as we seek peace with others.

The Japanese concept of heiwa invites us to also look within as we work for peace, putting harmony over competition to find peace within our own hearts. Balancing our love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self is not easy, but it is at the core of Christian living. As we prepare to leave camp, we revisit the concept of aloha, and receive Jesus’ benediction and promise of peace that will remain with us always. We remember that the same Spirit that welcomed us, has dwelt with us, and now sends and accompanies us in our peace works at home.

Mini Camp

Mini camp is a perfect chance for young elementary campers to try their first overnight experience. This 2-night / 3-day camp is designed for rising 1st-3rd graders. From the time they arrive until they are picked up, there is a whirlwind of camp activities, fun, and new things to try that help them develop and build self-confidence. And most importantly, camp gives children time to experience God through nature, worship together, and practice living in Christian community.

Adventure Camp

Arkansas is an amazingly beautiful place. Adventure camp serves to showcase some spectacular chapters of creation while giving campers an opportunity to be adventurous and try something new and challenging.
This year, we will be going on a Wild Cave tour at Blanchard Springs Cavern near Mountain View. The cave tour lasts about 3-4 hours and is fairly strenuous, but amazing cave formations and other wonders make it worthwhile. When we’re above ground, we’ll camp in the park, hike some of the trails, and fish for trout in Mirror Lake. This camp is for 7th-9th graders.

Discovery Camp

Discovery camp is a 3 day/4 night camp designed for campers going into 1st-4th grades. It’s perfect for younger campers who are ready to spend an extra night at camp, but also for campers old enough for elementary camp who may not be ready to spend a week away from home. Each day campers will participate in worship, games, family group activities like daily Bible studies, archery, kayaking, nature hikes, and more.

Jr. High

Jr. High camp is a 6 day/5 night camp for raising 7th-9th graders. Jr. High camp is structured similarly to Elementary, but with a few different challenging, age-appropriate activities. Jr. High also has the option for Outpost and horseback riding.

Sr. High

Hammett Evans from Monticello is writing the curriculum for Sr. High camp themed around Stranger Things.

MAD Camp

This is a camp designed for campers interested in music, theater, and the arts. Campers will work all week putting together an original production, building sets, and performing for parents and staff at the end of the camp session.

Fishing Camp

We fish most weeks during the summer, but this weekend camp is all about fishing. The Arkansas Game and Fish stocks hundreds of catchable catfish into an enclosed area on our part of Lake Catherine. Campers will need to bring a quality fishing pole and reel, tackle and bait will be provided. After fishing camp, the catfish are released into Lake Catherine.

Elementary Camp

Elementary Camp is a 6 day/5 night camp for raising 3rd – 6th graders. Campers spend the week in family groups worshiping, doing daily Bible studies, and participating in all the favorite games and activities. Elementary campers also have the options to cook dinner over a campfire and sleep in a hammock for one night at Outpost and/or go horseback riding one afternoon. The emphasis remains on experiencing God through nature and community while practicing faithful living.

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