Annual Conference 2018 – Sunday Worship Video Project

The worship team for Annual Conference 2018 is preparing a special video to be used during worship on Sunday at Annual Conference. We need your help! We are creating a video using clips of someone entering, and exiting a church. We need additional clips, shot and contributed by you.

  • Entrance video should be of a pastor and a layperson opening the doors to your church.
  • Exit video should be from the perspective of someone leaving the church.
  • Example videos are below.

Shooting requirements:

  • Use an iphone 7 or greater or an Android smartphone with HD, held sideways.
  • If you do not have one of these, shoot your video anyway, and we’ll use it if we can.
  • Sound doesn’t matter, as it will be replaced with music in the final video.

Send it in by April 30:

Example Videos:



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