With the latest updated guidelines for ARUMC Stage 2.5 for youth ministries which can be found at the conference website here, we have sadly had to announce a couple of our events (Assembly 2020, Refuge 2020, and (in-person) Veritas 2021) be canceled for the following reasons:

  1. The latest trends of confirmed cases are not decreasing
  2. The ARUMC Youth Ministry Safety Guidelines state that
    • Youth programming must follow CDC guidelines for sanitation, safety, size, and social distancing.
    • Guidelines and procedures for deep cleaning and regular sanitizing of all space used for youth’s ministries should be developed prior to in-person events and programs re-starting.
    • Develop a plan for providing face coverings for those youth and adults who arrive without one.
    • All staff, volunteers, and youth should wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet physical distance from all present whether gatherings are indoors or outdoors. Those who live in the same household can be considered a “family unit” and can be within 6 feet of one another but must wear a face covering at all times.
    • When possible, youth gatherings should be held outdoors.
    • Whether indoors or outdoors, a space of 36 square feet should be accounted for per “family unit” in attendance to allow for space for physically distancing as recommended by the CDC.
    • Overnight trips for youth, college students, and young adults are not recommended through at least April 30, 2021.
    • Due to the nature of retreats or trips needing extended periods of time indoors, shared sleeping spaces, and shared bathrooms overnight retreats, trips or missions are not recommended.
  3. Most importantly, our top priority is keeping everyone safe and healthy while loving one another the best we can

With all of these factors, we as the CCYM do not feel we can properly fulfill the purpose of these events. If you have any questions, please contact Zach Schrick at zach.schrick@arumc.org.

Mark your calendars for Veritas 2022 that will be held in Rogers, AR at the Northwest Arkansas Convention Center from February 25-27.


Our Veritas Task Force has been working hard to bring you a Veritas experience, and they have done it! We hate that we couldn’t meet in person this year and wanted to make sure Veritas continues. We will be premiering a weekly worship experience for the next 6 weeks built around our theme of Relentless. We have brought back our band from Veritas 2020 Army of Light to lead us in song, and our youth from the Veritas task force will provide a devotional. This virtual series will be available to you via our ACCYM youtube page using the link below. We hope you will use this in the ways you best see fit for your context and experience the Relentless Love of God that chases after each of us no matter what’s going on in life and no matter where we are.