2023 Arkansas Conference Local Pastor License School 

Dates for Session 1: April 21 (4 pm) to April 22 (12 pm) at Mount Eagle

Session 1: The first session will be an introduction and orientation. You will be introduced to
each of the courses and have a chance to get to know and speak to each of your instructors. You will be able to ask face to face questions about assignments and get an understanding of their expectations.

Learning Break: April 23 – May 3, will give you plenty of time to complete “pre-session 2 assignments”. These will each have different due dates so pay attention to your syllabuses!

Session 2: June 11 (4 pm) to June 17 (12 pm) at Mount Eagle

Session 2: We will gather with each class each day with short breaks between classes. It is a requirement that you be in attendance for all classes and complete all assignments. We will do our best to help you as much as possible. Final projects and lectures will be presented during this time.

You must successfully complete both sessions to successfully graduate.

Cost: $350 – In-State

Cost: $350 – Out of State

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