Pastor Appreciation Month: Showing Appreciation for Your Pastor

As a layperson, are you stumped each year on how to show genuine support and appreciation for your pastor?

We asked a few clergy friends across the Arkansas Conference of the UMC for some input on what would be meaningful messages of appreciation, and here is what was shared:

“I feel appreciated most when people share that they have been positively affected by a Bible Study or worship service and are implementing change within their life.”

“Restaurant gift cards are always fun!”

“I like a verbal or written note of appreciation most.”

“I had a family give me a gift certificate to have my car washed and detailed once, and I loved it!’

“A handwritten personal note.”

“A gift card to take my family out to dinner.”

“The thing that has touched me most is when parishoners ask how they can pray for me.”

“Sharing a way that I have helped in their faith journey.”

“Recognition in worship and a gift for my family.”

“Send me on a short retreat and have everything covered while I am gone.”

“A note letting me know how my ministry has helped them in their faith journey.”

“My staff straightened my office for me! It was glorious!”

“The greatest gift of appreciation was an office renovation.”

“A note during an unexpected time.”

“When someone comes by the check in on you.”

“Simple things. Even a share of my sermon on Facebook.”

“Books and gift certificates to support my hobbies.”

“Invitations to break bread together and further the relationship.”

“I have always loved receiving cards where people have shared their words of appreciation.”

“When someone cooks for me and my family or brings fresh garden vegetables or flowers.”

“Once my congregation decided to pay for me to attend an enrichment conference, and it was wonderful!”

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