UCA Wesley Foundation Welcomes Students Back to Campus

The Wesley Foundation at the University of Central Arkansas has been in a time of transition over the past school year as we moved under the ministry umbrella of First United Methodist Church in Conway. This has proven to be a huge blessing as we are able to benefit from the use of First United Methodist Church resources such as spaces for worship, vans, and members ready to feed hungry students.

Welcome Week at the end of August was no exception! We hosted events for new and returning students such as a cookout, a tie-dye party where they were able to make their own Wesley t-shirt for the year, a night out for ice cream, Taco Thursday after the first day of classes, and a planning meeting for our leadership team at Lake Beaverfork in Conway.

Earlier in August, we also had the opportunity to partner with the Center for Global Learning at UCA and welcome new International Students with an evening of putt-putt golf, which was an especially fun time for all because many of these students had never before played mini-golf. We’ve been fortunate that we have been able to continue to build relationships with these students, shuttling them to and from our Welcome Week events, and are very hopeful that they will also begin attending worship with us, which starts this week!

While we have had a busy few weeks, we are so thankful for the resources that make this ministry possible and are so excited to see what God does as we begin looking at our theme this semester of exploring the promises of God!

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