Lemonade is always a good idea

contributed by Caroline Loftin

Lemonade stands are a summertime staple for most kids. For Texarkana, AR third grader, Maxwell Bennett, the traditional operation came with a higher purpose.

On July 4th, with her parents’ permission, Maxwell set up shop in her neighborhood. Her cause? To sell refreshing pink lemonade and donate all proceeds to First United Methodist Church of Texarkana, Arkansas. Her gift was given specifically to benefit the general operating expenses of the church and its missions serving the local homeless population.

“I chose to give to my church because I love my church and they help other people,” said Maxwell of her decision.

Her neighbors waited in line together to support this enterprising young lady, exchanging $1 for the sweet treat. For an extra dollar, Maxwell served a signature drink appropriately dubbed ‘The Sparkler.’ She also sold cookies for a dollar a piece and handed out brownies that were donated to her cause for free.

“Maxwell is 8 years old and came up with this whole plan by herself,” said her mother, Morgan Bennett.

“Brent and I just helped her setting it all up! She had a few friends help her while she was selling the lemonade and then a bunch of great neighbors and friends who bought all of her treats,” Bennett continued.

FUMC in Texarkana recognized Maxwell and her family the next Sunday in church. She was proud to place the overall total of $206 in the offering plate. Brother Jaimie Alexander called her project “an amazing act of ministry.”

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