Bringing the Banquet to the People

When the adult Sunday school class at Thornton United Methodist Church discussed “bringing the banquet to the people,” they took it to heart. The class of about 9 to 12 people decided to start reaching out to their community in different ways each month. Through this type of outreach, they have provided a glimmer of hope during hard times.

In December, the class provided clothes, toys, a large meal, and a $250 Walmart gift card to a man who is raising his two young children alone.

“He was reluctant to accept because he said that he knew a lot of people who were worse off than he was, but after he prayed about it, he said that God told him to accept humbly,” said Sharon Scott, lay leader and Sunday School class teacher.

In January, they gave a $250 Visa gift card to a young postmistress whose son was born prematurely and has faced multiple health problems. Their hopes were that the gift card would help cover costs for bills, gas, or food when she drives to Little Rock for medical appointments.

Recently, Lottie, a custodian at the community college where two of the church members previously worked, lost her daughter to cancer and was raising her two grandsons. In February, on the way to school one morning, one of the grandsons was blinded by the sun and ran off the road. Sadly, his brother was killed in the wreck. The Sunday school class donated $500 to help Lottie pay for the funeral. They also provided meals to one of the class members who had knee surgery.

In March, the church took up an offering to donate to SAU Wesley Foundation in Magnolia to buy pizza for the kids on their worship night.

In April, they were able to send $400 to Ukrainian refugees to help those who have been displaced.

The kindness and support that the community is finding from members of this small church is incredible.

“Since we have started taking the banquet to the people, we have grown much closer and feel that we are helping those in our small community and surrounding area who need our help,” Sharon said. “We are constantly looking for new ways to be of service to others.”

The Thornton UMC Sunday School class meets every Sunday morning at 8:45. Thornton UMC is located at 117 Franklin St, Thornton, AR.

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