Sundaes on Saturday

contributed by Judy White

Members of the St. Paul UMC Little Rock family shared ice cream sundaes of their own design as well as a long-awaited fellowship on Saturday, May, 14.

The purpose of the event was to spend time together again after the long hiatus with well-known church family members and get to know new members. At The Neighborhood Place on their campus at 2223 Durwood Road, several ice cream flavors were available as well as toppings of every variety.

While the happy folks were enjoying their sundaes, they were also busy trying to identify the pictures placed on their backs as they arrived. (Oh, the trick was to only ask yes-or-no questions of all the others in attendance who could, of course, see the pictures on everyone’s back except their own!) Elvis Presley, Moses, Princess Diana, the White House, a video drone, and former U.S. Presidents were only a few of the challenges.

There was an abundance of laughter, ice cream, and JOY!

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