Obituary – Timothy Schick

Timothy Schick
September 23, 1970 — March 3, 2022

Tim was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma September 23, 1970. Growing up there, as well as Round Rock Texas, and lastly here in NLR, Arkansas. He spent his younger years playing soccer, little league baseball, ping pong in the basement, and nerf basketball in the carport with his and his brother’s friends. In his teenage years he continued playing soccer, working backstage at NE High School’s Theater, skateboarding, and going on several Ozark Mission Project summer trips with the youth group at Lakewood UMC.

Much like his father, Tim studied journalism as well as photography at UCA and UALR and pursued a career in similar related fields. Early on he worked at the Log Cabin Democrat and the Department of Parks and Tourism. From there he worked at Jones Production and lastly at JM Associates. Each of those places had people who helped teach and mentor Tim in a way that he could take the next step in his career.

Tim spent the last 21 years at JM Associates where his love for all things storytelling through television production took off. He loved holding a camera getting “the shot”, editing “the shots”, and pulling all “the shots” together for your edification and enjoyment. His multitude of skills were used on a multitude of shows in a multitude of countries.

Either editing, producing, shooting, or a combination of any of those on JM’s shows like the Bassmaster Classic tournament, Spanish Fly, and a series of college coaching documentaries. Being on these production teams allowed Tim to travel all over the country and the world. Spanish Fly shot on location in places like Africa, Madagascar, Australia, and Brazil. Tim loved doing so many things in so many places but even more so loved working on a team. As is often the case, that team became his family. And he made so many dear friends along the way. His heart took a hit when JM lost Jose Wejebe in 2012. Our hope is the two of them will find time together again on whatever the River of Life looks like in heaven.

Tim’s many friendships and loves in his life gave life to his life. THANK YOU if you were his friend. THANK YOU if you loved him. He loved you! And Tim gave life to all of us! He was always looking for ways to lighten every situation that he was going to be a part of whether at home, at work, or just hanging out. He could pull the most appropriate (and inappropriate) pranks. His observational humor rivaled that of any comedic legend. He was someone who was always “thinking out of the box”, either for those comedic purposes or to help solve legit problems at his place of business.

Tim had a generous heart and was a stealth charitable giver to various animal shelter organizations, teachers in his community, kids in need, food banks, and other charities. He knew the problems of the world could only improve by the actions of nameless/quiet giving. He GAVE. Be it in his personal/familial relationships, or the various places on the earth he knew were making a difference because he’d been all over it.

Tim soned, brothered and uncled his way through his family by way of a dry sense of humor and silliness. His banter, commentary, and intentional lunacy with us made many a family gathering even crazier than our normal crazy. He’d bring an item to the Christmas gathering that became “the thing” everyone remembered. He picked up the “Dirty Santa Gift” mantle several years ago by buying “way more than $15 gifts” for us all to have fun fighting over. #fightingnotfighting

One time he invited his family to his house for an evening of July 4th fireworks and spent no less than $73,500 on the night’s light show. It was incredibly fun. (Okay, okay, “73” might have been a bit much! 70??)

He got his analytical skill from his father and his emotional nurturing side from his mom. He also got his intestinal fortitude from his mother – whom he loved so much – even though he was her second favorite son (GOTCHA TIM! I get to write this! ~ Greg). Tim also got to be the “Dad” to his beloved fur babies: Skoo, Lucy, Diva, Triton, Dexter, and Logan. They LOVED him. He loved THEM.

Tim loved the earth that he got to spend so much time traversing. He got to walk it, shoot it, fish it, play on it, canoe it, edit it and offer it to others; sharing it with a host of people as if to say: “If you could only see what I have seen!” And if you hadn’t – Tim would show it to you.

As those of us that remain, who walk this blue marble: may we care for it, enjoy it, record it, play on it, and leave it better than we found it.

Tim is preceded in death by his father Dennis Schick (Dec 2020), and grandparents Dean and Ardyce Schick, and Joe and Katholeen Davis. He is survived by his mother Jan Schick; by his siblings Leslie Gorrell (Doug), Greg Schick (Christa); his four nieces and nephew Alex, Lisa (Wyatt), Katie, and Emily Schick; Logan and Dexter, and extended family members.

The family will host a celebration of Tim’s life that will be at St. James United Methodist Church at 11am on Friday April 1, 2022. Full obituary and online guestbook

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