Bellefonte UMC of Harrison is Celebrating its 150th Year in Ministry

Bellefonte UMC of Harrison is celebrating its 150th year in ministry. Their means of worship are casual, extending a true ‘come as you are’ spirit. With their blend of traditional and contemporary modes of worship, Bellefonte has a place for every walk of believer.

Bellefonte currently has about 10 people who worship in-person and averages 18+ people online. In addition, one of their tithing members worships online with them each week in Virginia.

Although the church has always been service-oriented, this small but mighty congregation lead by Pastor Susan Kramer is taking community outreach to greater heights.

When their practice of serving a weekly meal halted due to Covid, they tried another approach. The people of Bellefonte installed a Blessing Box, offering discreet and immediate access to a variety of non-perishable foods and personal necessities. Members refill the box three times a week with donations from the congregation and community at large.

Other outreach ministries include their frequently replenished Lending Library and monthly screening of a Christian movie for entire families. This event nurtures fellowship among everyone in town, members and non-members, while providing refreshments to all who come.

Pastor Susan Kramer’s passion for ministry is apparent. She leads with a servant’s heart and does not shy away from modern avenues of community care. Bellefonte UMC’s mission to feed the hungry also feeds the heart of Christ. The people of Harrison are undoubtedly in good hands.

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