Meet Your Lay Leaders, Part 3
Introductions from Conference Lay Leader, Kathy Conley

This week, we will meet the leaders of our Lay Servant Ministry Program.  This is a very important part of the Board of Laity as they are involved in seeing that our congregations have the best prepared and educated laity serving in the pulpits of churches.  With the shortage of clergy, we have a number of lay people sharing their gifts with churches.  Our Lord always provides for the needs of His people and this is just another way needs are being met and people are also given the blessing of answering their personal call to serve.


Carole Blanks

Carole Blanks is the Arkansas Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries.  She lives in Alexander with her husband John.  While their children are grown, their zoo abounds with a dog, cat, parrot and a turtle (left over from the kids).   Carole serves in several capacities in her local church but the Lord has seen fit to slow her down and allow her to concentrate on the Lay Servant Ministries programs of the Annual Conference.  Her calling to facilitate small groups and administrate and organize ministry has become an important part of her life.  Carole is excited to begin the new program of Certified Lay Ministry that has just been approved and that she has been working on for the last several months.  It entails more in-depth study and commitment of our Lay Servants but will be just the answer to prayer for many churches and laity. If you are interested or God is calling you in this direction, get in touch with Carole, Karen or your District Office.  They will have all the details.


Karen Anderson

Our Conference Associate Director of Lay Servant Ministries is Karen Anderson.  She and her husband Mark live in Rogers.  Having four children, they are grandparents as well as new empty nesters. Life is good!   Karen worked for many years in the local church as a Director of Christian Education. She is now the Northwest District dCOM Registrar and Lay Servant Coordinator, as well as the Project Manager for Ozark Mission Project.  Karen feels that her call and gifting supports encouraging and equipping laity for ministry.

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