Anonymous Blessing at Shiloh UMC

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Pictured: Shiloh UMC members Harold & Sharon Logan, Donna Sugg, Marie & Larry Lichti, and Mike Bishop

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Two weeks ago, a large package was left at Shiloh United Methodist Church, Dry Fork. The church door is never locked, and often they come in for service to find notes, and sometimes gifts, from people who have stopped by to pray.

When Mike Bishop, lay supply, opened the package on that Sunday morning, he found a 2’ x 3’ color photo of the church with a double rainbow arched over it. “It was absolutely beautiful,” said Mike.

There was no name, but a note that said ‘I was traveling through a few years back and stopped to take this photo. It took me a while, but when I knew I was traveling back through, I wanted to bless you folks with this picture.’

Larry Lichti, a rancher, Shiloh UMC member and a very gifted wood worker, built the frame for the photo by hand and leveled the glass with mustache wax.

This special painting was hung this past Sunday in the church.

Shiloh UMC also has a blessing box that the women at the church keep stocked with food.

“This church is a small but mighty church, loving God and our neighbors,” Mike said.


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