Village UMC Plans Online Stewardship Campaign

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In the fall of 2020 we were pretty well shut down with very few folks in-person, so we created weekly videos featuring our ministry leaders in the church who shared the importance of stewardship from their perspective. I shot those 5-week videos from my iPad Pro. Very basic, very simple using iMovie.

This year as we look to 2022, we are in-person… but we have 4x more people online each week. We had good results last year, that we felt we could do something similar again keeping the Both/And approach as a priority.

This fall, we invited four of our local ministry partners (Boys and Girls Club, our next-door neighbor Great Futures, Jackson House in Hot Springs, and a teacher from Mt. Pine schools where we partner in a weekly food pantry) to share how our stewardship impacts their outreach efforts and ministry. I spoke at the end of the 12 minute video inviting all who call VUMC home to consider partnering with us in ministry outreach for 2022.

This year we have a young man (a high school senior) as our A/V tech who has really good camera equipment, tripods, and a passion for video production. We gave him our basic ideas, helped him make contact with our ministry partners, and he did the rest.

You can view our video if you desire on our website – – under the Stewardship tab. We also added an online ‘pledge card’ with a submit button AND an online giving option. We went live with the video last weekend.

We are now working on 5 video clips 45-60 seconds in length. Think puzzle pieces coming together on the screen. Each section has images of our church community, people, events with a caption of “how do these pieces fit”. When the puzzle comes together, we see either the exterior of the church building or the sanctuary with the church logo. We plan to run them on FB and boost them while targeting our zip code.
We are learning as we go.

Questions? Reach out to Rev. Chris Hemund of Village UMC here.


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