Are You Having Fun Yet?
A few words of wisdom for communication leaders

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Take a second to ask yourself: When was the last time that you did something FUN through your online ministry? Something that actually makes you have the most contagious smile and energy and, of course, engages exponentially with your audience?

Here are a few ideas for adding some fun to your online ministry:

Do something out of your comfort zone and film yourself doing it. Bake something for your family to surprise them out of love, but be prepared to laugh at yourself if needed. Go fishing/kayaking for the first time. Volunteer for a local pet shelter on a dog wash day. Take a nature walk to someplace you’ve never been before and share the beauty of God through new eyes.

Plan a “game show” with your staff / lay leaders. You may do this via Zoom and record it and then share it on Facebook. You may also upload the video to YouTube and share on your website. It’s super easy. Some ideas include: “Get to know the new pastor” or “Crazy purchases made during the pandemic” (this could possibly lead to creating a stockpile of unused items that could be donated to those who need it). You could also host a “Big Dreams Mission Work: if money, time, and health were not barriers, where would you go and what would you want to do?”

Plan a backyard photo share. Ask members to share photos of animals, plants, garden goodies, yard art, sunsets, sunrises, food on the BBQ grill, a seating area, a tree, critters, etc. from their backyards. This is a great conversation engagement and opens the door to discuss some of God’s beautiful creations. Remind them not to share pictures of other people unless they have their consent. Who knows? Maybe this could be the beginning of a small group ministry that meets in the backyards of neighbors?

Host a virtual food drive. There are so many hungry kids out there. Why not host a virtual food drive where you let people contribute ONLINE for different levels of food packages for young ones? For example, ask for $5 to cover a big jar of peanut butter. Ask for $10 to cover three boxes of cereal. Ask for $15 to cover a toiletry kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel). GET CREATIVE, but encourage online giving so that you can purchase all of the items at once from a local grocery store and then donate to your local food pantry. Anytime that we assist the hungry, a smile usually finds itself on our faces.

Encourage an online choir performance. Invite each choir member to hop on a Zoom call from their homes and sing away! Your audience will love this. Maybe consider having a kid sing on Zoom in the same format. Go acapella, play a guitar or piano, whatever. This is something that can be recorded and then shared in a worship video or even in person when you get to this time.

These are just a few ideas that can add some fun to your ministry. If you are struggling with technology, please reach out to the Center for Communication and we will be glad to help.

Just get out there and have some fun, all in the blessed name of Jesus!


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