OMP 101 is an annual event organized by the Ozark Mission Project that lets youth, grades 5 and 6, learn the ways that OMP helps communities in need. Kids learn how to use power tools, build simple wooden structures, and have fun in the process. Check out some of the photos of this year’s OMP 101, held at St. Paul UMC in Little Rock.

OMP 101 is not only a time for learning and serving, it’s also a time for fun and games! Before the week’s events begin, campers get to play some fun team building games. These games are meant to teach kids how to work together as a team. In the photo above, teams line up in two lines across from each other. One side throws a marshmallow to their teammate, who tries to catch it in a small plastic cup. || Photos by Caleb Hennington

Volunteers with OMP taught kids about some of the tools that are used to build and repair houses, ramps and more. While at OMP, kids will learn valuable skills that will help them get a head-start if they decide to volunteer with OMP in the future. A volunteer from the Society of St. Andrew also taught kids how to cut mesh rope to make into bags for gleaning. Gleaning is the process of gathering food together, which the Society of St. Andrew does for groups like the Food Bank and others. || Photos by Caleb Hennington