When today gets difficult and, perhaps, inexplicable, you will turn to God. But what if nothing seems to change?  Recalibrate. Believe all the more that God is at work, have greater confidence that God is making God’s Will just as real on earth as it is in heaven, and trust like you never have before that nothing will ever separate you from God’s love in Jesus. Yes, recalibrate. And at just the right time in just the right way, you will be amazed how you experience God’s grace in just the way God knows you need it.

Your Moment

God’s going to touch you sometime today. Your moment may be obvious – or disguised. Significant right away – or only understood after the fact. Powerful in shaping your life – or simply a gentle reminder of God’s love. Of course, your moment should never come as a surprise. After all, what else do you expect from God who’s so passionately in love with you that God takes the initiative, reaches out in exactly the way you most need and is at work helping you become the one-of-a-kind person God has created you to be?

A Sunday Prayer 04/28/19


My life is a journey filled with all kinds of experiences. With things I never imagined possible, but they were. With things I prayed never would happen, but they did. With surprises that literally came out of the blue.

You’ve helped me realize something about this journey. It’s more than just a string of experiences, events and whatever happens. It’s actually a journey into Your heart.

The truly amazing thing is how You help me get there. You love me just as I am with no ifs, ands or buts. You reach out and fill me to overflowing with your unconditional love. You shape, mold and transform me through Your amazing grace. And You never, ever, ever give up on me.

So, Lord, regardless of where I go and what I do today. Help me make sure You’re always my destination.

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus.



What Kind of God Are You Looking For?

What kind of God are you looking for when your life is turned upside down? Probably a God who will fix it. But since you almost never can find this type of God, maybe it’s time to ask a new question, “What kind of God is looking for you?” A God who cherishes you, seeks you out, goes all in to save you and transforms you. So think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be found by this kind of God than to spend a lifetime searching for the God you think you want?

Judicial Council finds parts of Traditional Plan valid, exit plan constitutional

Judicial Council finds parts of Traditional Plan valid, exit plan constitutional

The United Methodist Church’s top court has found that while some provisions of the newly adopted Traditional Plan remain unconstitutional, the rest of the plan is valid as church law.

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The Judicial Council’s rulings can be read at the links below.

Decision No. 1378:

Decision No. 1379: