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Conference Council on Children’s Ministry (CCCM) Monthly WebEx Meeting

Lawyer’s Conference

Re-Firement Retreat

Rev. Dan Brand will lead this seniors retreat with great programming, small group Bible studies, passionate worship, fun games, great food, relaxation, guided walking or motorized tours and opportunities just to be quiet and listen to God. For more information, contact Wanda Locke at info@mounteagle.org or 501-723-4580.

Central District Conference

Southeast District Lay Servant Ministries Training – Clarendon FUMC

Class time included 5 hours on Sunday, September 13th and 5 hours on Sunday, September 27th. Enrollment fee is $8 and dinner is provided. For more information or to register, please contact the Southeast District Office at 870-367-3365.

Northwest District Lay Servant Ministries Training – Central UMC in Rogers

This training offers both a Basic Course and an Advanced Course in Holy Communion. Homework will be required and lunch is provided. Cost for each class is $20. Please contact Becky Neighbors at bneighbors@arumc.org to register or for more information.

From Bishop Gary Mueller

The More You Thank God

It often happens when you least expect it. Something in your life dramatically changes. Sometimes it’s something incredibly positive. More often, it’s something painful you feel ill-equipped to handle. So what do you do? Thank God as extravagantly as you can! That’s because the act of thanking God is not a transaction in which you give God you...

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