United Methodist Bishops call for prayers for peaceful elections in Congo

WASHINGTON, D.C.  –  The bishops of The United Methodist Church are calling for prayers of peace for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is witnessing violence in the buildup to the presidential elections on December 23, 2018. Here is the statement from the Council of Bishops: As President of the Council of Bishops of The […]

Blue Christmas services provide hope, sacred space for those in mourning

Every year, people from all over the world flock to their local church to attend joyous Christmas services full of uplifting carols, prayers of hope, and words of encouragement. But for a large number of often overlooked believers, these hope-filled services are anything but uplifting. For those who have lost loved ones, dealt with debilitating […]

Looking to the past, preparing for the future

contributed by Karon Mann, General Conference 2019 Delegate In his book The Singing Thing, author John Bell says, “We are creatures of our past, we cannot be separated from it.” He was referring specifically to the music of our past, particularly hymns and religious songs that evoke strong feelings or memories, but smells can elicit […]