Understanding Our Diversity Leads to Changed Lives


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Building the Kingdom of God Through Small Community Libraries

bishop at library

The library isn’t even open yet, but kids are arriving. They come in groups; some are dropped off by their designated grown-up, others arriving on bicycles, still more walking up to the doors. In Altheimer, a small, rural community in Jefferson County, the library has become the place to be for children who are out of school for the summer. 

The View Is Always Better at the Top

pinnacle mountain

Have you ever looked up from the bottom of a mountain and thought to yourself “there’s no way I’m getting up there”? Life is like that sometimes, too.

Reframe and Rename Volunteering


No matter the size of your church, staff are not hired to do it all! The church is a community of Christ-followers that work together to share and teach God’s love. 

Jacksonville First Turns Sunday Morning Worship Into A Churchwide Vacation Bible School
Intergenerational worship is the goal of this year's VBS

Vacation Bible School is one of the hallmarks of summer vacation for kids, but oftentimes it takes place outside of the traditional church service, leading many parents and church members unaware of the wonderful ministry taking place inside their church. That’s why Jacksonville First UMC decided this year to make Vacation Bible School and Sunday morning worship one and the same, integrating a typically week-long VBS into a 5-week Sunday morning worship experience.

My Juneteenth
A personal reflection on why we celebrate June 19

June 19, 2021, marks my 52nd birthday. I imagine like most people, the idea of a birthday is filled with cake, candles, well wishes and, of course, who can forget the presents. As my son puts it, you’re “celebrating your first breath day.”  The day should promote feelings of joy, relationship and reflection on how far you have come and how blessed you really are. However, despite the family, friends, gifts, and fellowship this day, June 19 has always held an extra significance in my life.

When Life Gives You Lemons
How Two Little Disciples Showed Love in a Big Way

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