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Bishop Beverly Shamana dies at 81

Bishop Beverly J. Shamana, a retired bishop of The United Methodist Church, has died.  She died this week in California at age 81. Bishop Shamana was elected and consecrated to the Episcopacy in 2000 in the Western Jurisdiction. She was the second black woman elected...

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Salem Camp Meeting Continues Tradition

Salem Camp Meeting is a yearly event that gives everyone the chance to gather under the arbor, visit with neighbors, sing the good old songs, listen to great music and preaching, and shout "Amen".  In other words, it's a place to revive your spirit. Services have been...

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COVID-19: A Rapidly Changing Landscape

The last several weeks have seen a rise in COVID-19 cases in many communities in Arkansas. During the last two days, the number of reported and active cases, hospitalizations and deaths have dramatically increased. This new and dangerous landscape is the result of the...

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