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General Conference 2020 seeks liturgists

NASHVILLE, Tennessee: The 2020 General Conference worship design team invites United Methodists to take an active role in the worship experience at the denomination's quadrennial event as it seeks individuals to write liturgy, including prayers, calls to worship and...

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A Common Word from the Council of Bishops

Thursday, May 9, 2019 The Council of Bishops offers a pastoral and prophetic word in response to the decisions of the Special Session and the codification of some of these decisions in our Book of Discipline. Bishops are not judges or legislators. Bishops are...

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A Holy Week Playlist
Pop songs and the Gospels

A few months ago, I did a Bible study with the Conference staff where I shared how I had soundtracked the entire Gospel of John. The requirements for the songs were that they had to come from pop radio (sorry, country and rap fans) and could not be from overtly...

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