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Support Food for Kids Backpack Programs at VBS & In Other Group Settings

Are you looking for a local mission for your VBS, small group or congregation?  These curricula and resources invite your group or congregation to a learning experience and service opportunity.

One of the best ways to help alleviate childhood hunger is to fill in the gaps when students don’t have access to meals.  Food For Kids or Weekend Back Pack programs provide snacks for students identified by a school counselor to take home on the weekend. Food Banks, Food Pantries and churches work together or solely to fill this gap.  When students can come to school on Monday having something to eat or a little more than they would normally get, then they can pay better attention rather than focus on how hungry they are.

The curriculum is available here.

Food for Kids Programs – Additional Things to Know, Resources and Links

For more information about Food for Kids programs click here:

To match your church to a regional Food Bank in your area, use this list. For a List of Food Banks in Arkansas, click here.

Maddie’s Fridge by Lois Brandt is the book included in the Pre K- 2nd Grade Curriculum: https://www.overdrive.com/media/2064284/maddis-fridge

Things to know:

  1. You may give your collections directly to a food pantry rather than to the Food Bank. This process saves additional costs in distribution by the Food Bank to a pantry.
    • Check out this manual. This helpful information is specific to the AR Food Bank but can be applied to working with the other food banks.
    • Important: If the food pantry is an agency of a particular food bank, let that Food Bank know of your intentions so that those donations can be counted for their record keeping.
  2. Always check with the organization you want to support before announcing collections to make sure they can accept what you are collecting.
    • Hygiene Kits may need to be given to someone else if a regional food bank can’t take them. Just ask.
    • If you cannot determine what organization supports a local Food For Kids backpack program, contact the school counselor at nearby local elementary schools to see if they know.
  3. 200K Reasons makes grant awards to United Methodist Churches for ongoing Food for Kids Backpack programs.
    • To donate to a local UMC Food for Kids program, contact 200K Reasons for help determining who has this ministry in your area.
    • 200K Reasons can accept financial donations. 100% is used to make grant awards for backpack programs and other feeding ministries that help feed food insecure children. Contact 200K Reasons for more information.
    • 200K Reasons Project Coordinator – Mary Lewis Dassinger, mdassinger@arumc.org.
  4. Please do not deliver coins and cash collected directly to the Food Bank or an organization. The money collected should be deposited into a church account and a check be written to the organization for the amount donated.