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phyouth is looking for a dynamic, college-aged intern with a call to ministry. This internship is modeled on a seminary internship, and includes three areas of learning: Ministry Skills, Spiritual/Vocational Growth, and Ministry Practicum in a variety of settings.

Timeline and Perks:

  • Internship is 40 weeks, with breaks for holidays, (including extended college winter break), and mid-terms/finals. Schedule averages out to be 10-12hrs a week—some weeks will be much less, and time at retreats or trips will be much more.
  • Work week for this job is Sunday-Thursday (excluding special events).
  • High flexibility to accommodate school schedules.
  • $175 a week for the duration of the 40 weeks
  • One on one mentoring from a staff of young, dedicated professionals in many different ministry specializations
  • Skills beyond youth ministry, including worship leadership, curriculum and presentation creation, event planning, AV and audio, time management mentorship, and life-balance mentorship, social media management, communications, PR, and so much more!

Ministry Skills:
Interns in this position will be taught the basics of running a ministry or non-profit area. Interns will be able to tailor their working time to projects and skills they feel called to or need growth in, including:

  • How to make a calendar for a ministry area
  • Event planning for 100+
  • Practice of Safe Sanctuary policies
  • Curriculum writing for Bible Study, and church programming
  • Teaching in a classroom setting
  • Worship leadership
  • Preaching/public speaking
  • Graphic design
  • Communications/PR….and more!

Spiritual/Vocational Growth and Discernment:
Interns for our ministry work hard, but they are also poured into and ministered to. Growing in ministerial leadership requires growing in ability to reflect on God’s work in ministry and the world—which takes practice and mentorship. No matter where you are in your discernment process entering the internship, you’ll receive skills and tools to help you dig into that process and forge a path to deepen the skills you need to be successful.  

  • 1 hour a week of one-on-one mentorship with Ellen Rowland on vocational discernment and theological reflection on work of the internship.
  • Mentorship and help as needed on managing life-balance and work time management.
  • Practice of integrating spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, worship, and meditation) into practicum portions of ministry.

Ministry Practicum:
All of what is described in the sections above is the prep work for the real ministry of phyouth: mentoring relationships, fellowship, and discipleship programming with our students. Interns with phyouth depending on their age, calling, skills, and relationship to our church will be able to practice ministry in one or more of the following programming areas:  

  • Sr. High (8th-12th)
  • PhMIDyouth (5th-7th)
  • Children’s ministry (K-4th)
  • Helping Hands (Elderly, and those with disabilities)
  • Worship Leadership (Sr. High worship and Sunday morning worship services)
  • Confirmation classes
  • Audio and Technical team for worship, broadcast, and streaming at the church
  • PH Basketball League Ministry

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has finished AT LEAST their first year of college or equivalent.
  • Has a valid driver’s license
  • Is vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19  
  • Has a call they can articulate to ministry in a local church setting, or bi-vocational setting
  • Is Wesleyan in their theology and faith.
  • Someone who promises to uphold our ministry’s commitment to a culture of safety for all students regardless of their ability, gender, race, or sexual orientation.
  • Can stay flexible and positive, even when things don’t go according to plan.

Interested applicants should send a one-page resume and cover letter that answers the following questions to Ellen Rowland, Minister to Youth and Families at

  1. What do you consider your calling or vocation, and how would your service with phyouth this school year fit into that calling?
  2. What do you bring to our program that a regular volunteer adult cannot?
  3. What makes you excited about this internship?
  4. How do you hope to grow spiritually and professionally in this position?