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Reports to: Staff Parish Relations Committee and Pastor

Job Summary:
As Music Director, this position works closely with the pastor in planning worship services and will be expected to actively participate in the life of Grand Avenue United Methodist Church. This position is responsible for developing and growing a comprehensive music program to include choirs and hand bells for all age groups in accordance with policies, standards, guidelines and regulations governing our church. Grand Avenue’s goal is to offer ministry opportunities for individuals to become involved in the life of the church while growing in their faith. Active participation in the life of Grand Avenue United Methodist Church is required and expected. The Music Director is required to attend Sunday Worship, Wednesday practice and any special worship services and programs.


  • Must possess adequate skill and experience in vocal, choral and bell music.
  • Must demonstrate proficient skill and musicality in directing different age groups in vocal choirs and in bell choirs.

Required competencies, gifts and passions:

  • A growing knowledge and profession of the Christian faith
  • Ability to lead energizing, inspiring and dynamic worship music
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Ability to work with and offer support to all types of people
  • Passion for music, broad-based knowledge of music and an openness to selecting a variety of music consistent with United Methodist heritage and hymnody
  • Professional and courteous demeanor
  • Demonstration of strong verbal and written communication skills
  • High standard of personal integrity and morality based on Christian teachings
  • Proficiency in office productivity software
  • Proficiency in social media communication.


  • Organize and regularly direct choirs and worship teams at children, youth and adult levels as the need demands
  • Lead in continuous recruitment of members in the various choirs, worship teams and bell groups
  • Responsible for coordinating the overall music program at Grand Avenue United Methodist Church including special events or programs such as Vacation Bible School, cantatas, Christmas programs, etc. in conjunction with the pastor, employees, volunteers and Worship Committee
  • Responsible for the purchase and care of all music for choral, bells and instruments
  • Responsible for consulting with organist, pianist, pastor and trustees on properly maintaining and tuning all church musical instruments.
  • Offer assistance to coordinate music for funerals held in the church
  • Offer assistance to coordinate music for weddings being held in the church
  • Assist dramatic productions and other programs offered by the church
  • Make regular reports to Church Council and Worship Committee as an ex-officio member
  • Communicate all music information to church secretary, pastor and audio visual coordinator for bulletins, publications, video screens, etc.
  • Prepare and administer the music department budget
  • Other duties as requested by the pastor to provide a music ministry program for the church

Ninety Day Introductory Period/Evaluations
The first ninety days of employment is an introductory period. During or at the end of this introductory period, an unsuitable candidate may be released from duty by the SPR committee. Periodic evaluations will be conducted by Pastor and/or SPR committee at intervals determined as needs arise.

We request two weeks written notice before leaving. Please advise the Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee of the date for the last day of work. An involuntary termination may be initiated by the Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee following a discussion and exit interview between the Music Director, Pastor and chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee. The Music Director will remove personal items from church property and turn in keys, passwords, etc.

For more information or to apply, please contact the church office at or call (870) 673-6317.