Website First United Methodist Church of Stuttgart

Reports To: Senior Pastor
Job Status: 20 hours per week
Compensation: Determined by experience, education and skill set.
Effective Date: Immediate

The mission of Stuttgart FUMC is to make disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Job Summary:
FUMC wants a vibrant and fruitful ministry to families with children characterized by enthusiasm, and spiritual and numerical growth. The director is responsible for helping parents disciple their children ranging from infant through the fifth grade.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and lives in such a manner that glorifies Christ in his/her daily behavior and speech.
  • Commitment to moral purity.
  • Lives a lifestyle that is consistent with the Holy Scriptures, doctrines, teachings, and values of The United Methodist Church.
  • Commitment to the local church’s mission and vision and values.
  • Loves Jesus, Children and the Church.
  • Prefer a bachelor’s degree with background in Christian Education or the equivalent. But not necessary if the best candidate comes without.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide vision and leadership for the Children’s Discipleship area.
  • Directs the Children’s Discipleship Hub in planning and carrying out their ministry to help more children become devoted followers of Christ.
  • Contributes to the big picture and the bottom line of the church’s goals and growth.
    • Increase the number of families with children who participate in the ministries of FUMC.
    • Increase the number of children who participate in the life of the church.
    • Provide opportunities for children and/or their parents to participate in local mission.
  • Recruit and equip people to present the children’s message during the regular worship service on Sunday morning.
  • Provides leadership to Wee Worship. (Children’s worship in the chapel after the Children’s message during regular worship service)
  • Provides leadership to Vacation Bible School or something similar.
  • Supervises the Nursery and Nursery Coordinator.
  • Supervises all volunteers associated with the Children’s Ministry.
  • Increase the number of people equipped and mobilized to serve in the children’s ministry.
  • Provides pastoral care to children and their families.
  • Develops relationships with the children and their families, and with the leaders within the Children’s Discipleship area.
  • Responsible for creating a discipling process that may include small groups and Sunday school, but is not limited to these methods.
  • Responsible for evaluating the Children’s Ministries annually and making necessary adjustments.
  • Communicates effectively with the parents, staff, congregation and children what is happening in the area Children’s Discipleship.
  • Prepares and monitors the budgets associated with Children’s Ministry.
  • Will champion and follow Safe sanctuary guidelines.
  • Participates in all staff meetings and Administrative Board meetings and provides a written report to the pastor and Administrative Board.
  • And of course, other responsibilities as set forth by the Senior Pastor.

Core Competencies

  • Personal Growth.
    Demonstrates appropriate professional or technical knowledge and shows evidence of continual learning on the job.
  • Managing the vision and purpose.
    Articulates and supports the mission and vision of Stuttgart FUMC; communicates a compelling vision of their ministry in light of the churches to others; and helps others to own the vision.
  • Attitude
    Communicates a positive attitude towards their ministry, work environment and others. Has an attitude that has a positive impact on the staff, church and community. Has a teachable spirit.
  • Organizing and planning. 1 Timothy 4.15
    Can gather and manage resources (people, funding, and other) to get things done and can use resources effectively and efficiently. Able to set goals and objectives and ensures the ministry or program achieves its stated objectives. Measures performance against goals and milestones; and evaluates results. Able to anticipate and adjust for problems and find solutions. Identifies opportunities to improve the process, procedures and programs in their area. Manages time effectively.
  • Developing and Motivating Volunteers. Ephesians 4.11
    Is able to identify people with a passion for their ministry and recruit them into positions of responsibility; providing challenging tasks and assignments for others to do, delegates appropriately, builds people up; maintains open and active dialogue with volunteers; communicates expectations clearly and holds people accountable.
    Creates a climate in which people want to give and do their best; can motivate different individuals and groups; empower others; shares ownership and visibility; and makes each participant feel valued. Is able to create a culture where volunteers are raving fans of serving in their ministry area and maximizes opportunities for volunteers to serve.
  • Teamwork. Ephesians 4.16
    Demonstrates a team spirit, valuing input from all team members and shows Christ-like love to each other. Demonstrates loyalty and public support for the ministry of others and seeks the input of others impacted before making key decisions. Fosters communication with staff and fulfills commitments to other staff members.
  • Interpersonal Relationships.
    Relates well to all kinds of people, inside and outside of the congregation; builds appropriate rapport; builds effective and constructive relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; is regarded as a team player. Works well with the Senior Pastor and other staff, whether paid or volunteer. Realizes that when one succeeds, we all succeed and if one of us fails all of fail. Has a professional and courteous demeanor. Shows excellent customer service skills.
  • Trust and integrity.
    Is widely trusted; seen as direct and truthful; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values during good and bad times; acts in line with those values; practices what he or she preaches.
  • Conflict Management.
    Deals with problems quickly and directly; steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities; reads situations quickly; focuses when listening; settles disputes collaboratively and equitably; finds common ground and works for reconciliation and cooperation.

The Children’s Discipleship Director is an “at will” employee of Stuttgart First United Methodist Church, with the right of employment and dismissal being with the Senior Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee.